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Alan Brassington is an internationally acclaimed artist, specialising in life size paintings of horses. He also loves portraiture and is an experienced sculptor.

He was born in Zimbabwe 1959 and his family moved back to Ireland in 1964. He studied at the Northwich School of Art, Cheshire and then at Stockport School of Art. 

Alan's passion is painting in oil. "There is a magic in oil paint"  he says, which allows him to create different styles and techniques, whilst also holding colour  timelessly. He believes that drawing is fundamental to all his art and constantly pushes himself to explore new techniques in both his art and sculpture.


Alan is fascinated by the power and beauty of horses and this is reflected in many of his paintings. The colourful panorama of the turf, with its intrinsic drama and excitement, has proved a powerful magnetism. “I love painting horses and people. The racetrack is irresistible, it is an entire world of its own. If you see a special horse in the parade ring it is easy to understand why one would be so inspired by this animal with its grace, its beauty, its intelligence and its strength.”

Alan is the artist in residence to Royal Ascot Racing Club and lives in Gloucestershire. 


His work can be found in the collections of Her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Devonshire, Ralph Lauren , Michael Tabour , Victor Chandler and many more .

Alan Brassington has been exhibiting in London and New York since 1992. During that time it has been interesting to watch his work develop. I am sure that for the increasingly wide circle of admirers this will be a show to be studied carefully and to be enjoyed; a show definitely not to be missed.

The Duke of Devonshire CBE

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